Friday, March 23, 2007

A new Doo

A few weeks ago Enoch asked me if I'd be willing to get my hair cut short. For the majority of my life it's been long and thats the way I prefer it. However, I was ready to chop it off. Lately it always seems frizzy and no matter what I do it's full of split ends.

I finally got around to making an appointment. The best part was... I never told Enoch. Can you believe I kept a secret from him for so long?! My neighbor was more that willing to watch the 2 older kids for me. I brought Patricia along and she was her usual content self.

I am very pleased with how it turned out. In the picture it's straight, but I will probably be wearing it curly/wavy on a regular basis. Tabitha thinks I look like her. Enoch was speechless when he saw me. I think I took his breath away.

This was the first time I tried this salon, but it's a keeper. Several months ago Enoch said to me that I need to find a hairdresser. I thought, "how in the world can I just find a hairdresser?". Wouldn't you know it, when I dropped Tabitha off at her preschool I found out that one of the mother's is a color specialist and her husband is a stylist. They're a great couple and they do excellent work. It's too bad I'll have to tell Sonja (the wife) that I'm looking forward to going grey. I'm sure she doesn't hear that too often :D

The best part about my adventure is that they were able to donate my hair to Locks of love. Sonja couldn't hide her excitement. We were both thrilled that my hair would be put to good use.


Eryn said...

hi michelle, i linked over to you from rachels blog and found you refreshing and honest. that is hard to do when everyone is always putting their best face forward to let everyone think the best of them. keep fighting the good fight, the lord wont let you down. even now, he carries you.
i love your new haircut, you look fresh and new and cute! i have long wavy hair and struggle with the frizz thing too, but my husband likes the long,curly look, so for now it is staying.

dave & rachel said...

Cute is always nice to have a change, especially when your husband likes it! :)

Josh and Brooke said...

cute hair! my friend april just donated her mane to Locks of Love too.

glassgirl said...

I think it looks great Michelle.
And Fab you looked really young! That's good when you're the mother of 3. Hope it makes you feel young and energetic too!!