Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Clean Up (pictures and cards)

Now that we're well into the new year, its time we put away our Christmas stuff. Make sure you put all your decorations in one place, so you know where to find them next year!

Today I want to talk about all those wonderful cards and pictures you receive in the mail.


I'm currently working on my third album (seen above).

Instead of clogging my fridge or having pictures scattered throughout the house, I found an album is the easiest way to organize holiday pictures. I love looking through as my collection grows. Its also fun to see how some families change from year to year.

This is also the place where I keep other pictures obtained throughout the year. I have pics that come with birthday invitations, save the date cards, prayer cards, etc. Here is a picture of a zebra that my sister-in-law took. She sent it to me as a card front:

These albums are very special to me. If you haven't come up with a solution to all the pictures you receive from loved ones, I suggest giving this oh so easy idea a try.


The Christmas card dilemma.

Instead of throwing them out, I simply set mine aside in a dedicated place for next year. It seems at least one teacher asks for old cards so the kids can work on a craft. I don't mind hanging on to them for that purpose.

What do you do with your old cards?

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