Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Are you in the club?

Have you ever heard an angry child use the "H" word? The thought of one of my kids saying, "I hate you" makes me cringe. I'm glad my kids haven't picked up that habit from their surroundings. No, they are much more creative than that. Well, at least in this regard.

Instead of the not so nice word, I tend to hear the kids saying, "you're out of my club, then!". They say it all day long. Believe me I've been kicked out of the club more often than not. I do give them some credit though. On more than a few occasions Patricia has told me that I'm in her club. That's usually a result of some kindness that's been shown to her.

I asked them the other day what kind of stuff they do in their clubs. Tabitha said, "Like, we do fun crafts and other fun stuff like that." That seemed like a good answer to me, because I know she likes to think she does that with the other two at times.

Seth never did answer me. I guess it was too girly of a question.

Patricia, who never fails to amuse, started jumping around and told me that they get to color and do Irish dancing in her club. I'm pretty sure its all in her head, but at least she made me smile.

I hope that when my kids grow up I'm "in the club" and not kicked out for being too overbearing.