About Me

In a nutshell: I am a Christian wife and also a mother to five beautiful public school children.

Some other things you may like to know: My name is Michelle. I seek to honor the Lord in all I do, though I fail often. One thing that brings me satisfaction is encouraging others along the way.

Some of my interests: Crafts of any sort; cooking and baking (I relish my time in the kitchen); along with that, nutrition and health (I haven't yet gotten into the exercising part of that!); devouring books; fellowshipping, though I could use more of this. 

What my blog's all about: Its here to help other Christian mothers. Maybe you'll find a recipe that will be just perfect for dinner, a craft your kids will love, a book you didn't know existed or a verse given in the time of need.

Top pic: Enoch and Michelle
Pic at right (From l to r): Patricia, Ian, Tabitha, Zachary, Seth