Thursday, March 13, 2008

Is it Spring yet?

This morning I took Patricia to the allergist. They poked the poor little thing lots of times to see what she's allergic to. The big spot on top (with the circled plus sign) is what a positive reaction looks like. The three positive reactions on her back are from tree nuts. At this point I think that will be easy enough to avoid. Plus, I'm told that it's not a severe allergy, so we're good!

For lunch the whole family went to Pizza Hut. Here's my men. They both need hair cuts pretty bad, but they still look handsome!

When we got back from Walmart I insisted that we spend some time outside. Tabitha wanted to color her new papers, so she did just that. I'm loving this nice weather.


Fab said...

I remember getting those allergy shots when I was a kid, but I got them on my arms, not my back. It turned out I was only allergic to dust.

Sr. Fab said...

You are a photo artiste. Great angle on Tabitha coloring!

The Tates said...

I LOVE the picture of Tabitha! Your boys are cute too. Not so crazy about the pic of Patricia - ouch!

Michelle said...

Fab~ I remember that, too.

Dad~ thanx.

Carol~ Patricia wasn't too crazy about it either!