Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hello rest of the world

I'm still here. I still read other blogs. I just haven't found too much write about. The kids and I have been keeping busy. Now that the nice weather is here we go out a lot and I take lots of pictures, so that's what I have to share with you.

Tabitha and Seth are in a hollowed out log in Brookside Gardens:

One weekend we went to a Chili Cookoff, which Enoch wrote about in his blog before the event. Enoch was a judge, which turned out to be a tougher job then he had expected. He wouldn't mind doing it again next year!

Seth is the cutest kid. He charms all of us all the time. However, it is very hard to capture his charming ways on camera, because he just moves WAY TOO FAST. So, here is his profile while he sits long enough to watch tv:

Patricia sportin' dem shades:

Enjoying spring weather:

Seth with his Batman "puter":

Tabitha the drama queen. She told me she was fashionable because she has a dog with her. She dressed herself like this:
My three munchkins:

We were able to go into DC to look at the cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms: (sorry, the camera acted funny that day and so, you just can't see the trees that well. Ok?)

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mjf said...

Hi welcome back to the blog and thanks for the pix.