Monday, June 9, 2008

Seth is three!

His birthday was waaaay back on May 23rd, but I'm finally getting to post some pictures.

Seth is definitely our most active child. He can bounce off the walls and spin circles around you all day long. When he's not around I feel like I'm on vacation. With that being said, he is also our most affectionate child. He loves to sleep on my arm and he gives the BEST hugs and kisses around. He kisses like the french, one on each cheek.

He loves anything that has to do with sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer. As long as he's running around, he's happy. When we're at church, sometimes I take him out to the hallway, because he can't sit still. The second we get out the door he starts running up and down the hall pretending he's Superman.

I'm finally learning how he learns. Tabitha was always so independent. Even when she struggles, she refuses help. Seth doesn't refuse help, so I am trying very hard to let him struggle as he tries to pull up his pants or put on his shirt. He says, "I can't do it", but I just encourage him and he is able to finally get it done. Resisting to help can be so hard sometimes!

Seth now speaks in full complex sentences. People understand him when he tells them his name. As active as he is he sometimes appears in his own world. However, he is well aware of what's going on around him. He notices when someone needs a hug or if someone asks him a question he actually hears them.

I love him to pieces. Maybe in another month or so I'll get around to posting pictures from his party :) The following are all from his birthday.

He didn't know it at this point, but later in the day we were going to a real baseball game.

Chillin' with his sisters:

Traffic in front of us, as we drove to pick Enoch up from work:
Traffic behind us:
I don't think the kids noticed the traffic :)

At Enoch's work we parked our car and then took the Metro. Do you see Seth's subtle expression of excitement? I think this was his first "train" ride.

We got to the ballpark early, so we were able to watch the players practice from up close.
Washington Nationals:
This was our first time going to one of the Nats games. In the past we've gone to Baltimore Orioles.
Now we're at our seats. This is still before the game and the kids are bored. Notice Patricia crying:

Enoch with the Nationals sign in the background :)

My dad and Suzie joined us.
The girl who always insists on making silly faces in pictures:

Patricia was getting tired by this point, but she was a trooper.

We got our picture taken with the "running presidents" I think they're called. Oh, and the Geiko gecko.
After the game they had fireworks. That was the kids favorite part. We beat the Brewers 5-1!

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Enoch said...


You forgot say that the Brewers were the "meany guys". Meany or Meany guys is one of his favorite words or phrase. Afterall he is Spiderman (and sometimes Batman). He cannot make up his mind. He should pick one afterall one is a Marvel character and the other is a DC comics character.