Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tabitha!

Well, with Tabitha I'm only a few days late to wish her a happy birthday. My big girl turned five on Tuesday. I think Tabitha is about as adult like as a five-year-old can come. She knows just about everything. Asks questions in every new situation and retains all the information. You give her an explanation and then the new thing totally makes sense. She'll then turn to Seth and explain to him why touching a frog is not a good idea, because you may get diseases from it.

She has always been a happy girl. Her giggle is just like a little girl's giggle should be - almost fake, but real enough to make you smile. She loves to spend time with people. Her most favorite activity is making up plays, as she calls it. You each get a "character" (stuffed animal) and act out an adventure. Lots of times she will tell you the plot before you begin.

Tabitha has a heart of gold. She always wants to help out where ever we go. She cares for those around her. The other week when she found out that the salesman was Indian, she asked him if he bowed to a different god. She went on and on about it, as I tried to discreetly tell her to stop. Since then she has been learning that there are gentler ways to telling others about Jesus. Sometimes she'll whisper to me and ask if it is an appropriate time to tell someone.
The oldest of three (almost four) and still very much a child. She loves to frolic around and play on her bike. The three of them play a lot together and also do their fair share of fighting. Tabitha tries her hardest to obey, but she still needs to be corrected on occasion. She is a sweetheart and we love her so very much. She makes a great friend and a wonderful daughter. 


Eryn said...

what a sweet synopsis of your oldest. patrick, my oldest is the same in a lot of ways.

glaucia said...

i love it that she's helping patricia eat. Is she ready for kindergarten? is it all day there?

Fab said...

Happy Birthday to her! I love the part of asking someone if they bow to other gods. Bold little children.