Thursday, September 18, 2008

Precious moments

Tabitha and Seth had an accident tonight. Seth wasn't exactly looking where he was running then crash, bam, BOOM, Tabitha is shrieking. Seth also got hurt, he hit his head on her mouth. She did have some blood coming from her lip and it took a while to quiet her down (we were out in public, so we tried to do this as quickly as possible).

Shortly afterwards Tabitha asked if she could give thanks for our supper. Instead of just giving her usual spiel, she also added, "and I'm sorry that I got mad at Seth for bumping into me." The eating commenced. About five minutes later, Seth turns to Tabitha and tells her in all sincerity that he was sorry he bumped into her.

I didn't praise the kids for their actions, but I tell you, it warmed my heart so much. It really is a wonderful feeling to see your children making correct decisions. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6


Laura said...

It's those little glimpses you see that make parenting worthwhile. Amid the days of chaos, when you actually see some fruit of your hard work... there is no feeling like the feeling that floods your heart in those moments. I know how you feel.

glaucia said...

awesome! Those quick moments do cover a multitude of sins! And it's a testament to the right things you're doing!

Eryn said...

we homeschooled this year for a couple of reasons: private school was too expensive and we have ella starting next year too, i wasnt ready for public even though it is right up the street, i am considering it for next year though. i love being able to teach him faster in his better subjects and slower in needy areas. i love controlling what he learns. (control freak!) i NEVER thought i would homeschool, but the Lord had different plans and so far we are both enjoying it.

Caleb and Anna said...

Congrats on your news! Also, I wanted to tell you I tried your Cuban black bean recipe and it was a hit! Thanks. -Anna

Michelle said...

Hi Anna! I'm glad you liked it. That makes me happy.