Friday, February 6, 2009

She's 2!

Patricia is a big 2 year old now! She easily brings a smile to those around because of her oh-so-pleasant personality.
Sometimes Enoch and I say she's our Latin American daughter. She loves to dance, clean and take care of baby dolls. What more could we ask for? :)
If you ask me, I'd say Patricia is doing quite well with her vocabulary and communication in general. When she puts on a dress shes says, "princess". She says, "thank you" and something along the lines of, "nice to meet you." She greets everyone and readily asks for "more" of what she wants.
Having two older siblings, Patricia picks up older behavior. She tells us she's going to school. When she goes she makes sure she has a bookbag and usually a pair of princess play shoes. She lets us know that she has her lunch and she always asks for her keys, because she needs to take the car. Before she "leaves" she wants a hug, a kiss, a high five and to shake your hand.
The other day she made me very proud and made me realize that she understands more than I give her credit for. Tabitha was coughing at night. As a last resort I poured close to 2 tsp of cough medicine into a medicine cup for her. She was too tired and apparently the coughing bout was over so she didn't take it. I left the cup on the nightstand. The next day Enoch asked me why Patricia was giving him cough medicine. I flew downstairs and inspected the cup. She didn't drink any of it, she knew what it was and made sure it was given to an adult. She may sneak candy on occasion and swallow her toothpaste on purpose, but she knows the boundaries.

Patricia is a delight to all who know her and we're happy that she's a part of our family. Happy Birthday, Princess!


Julia Khouri said...

Patricia - good job with the medicine, big girl!!
Michelle - I love reading your blog. Please keep posting whenever you get a chance!

Enoch said...

That's my girl!

Eryn said...

what a doll! happy birthday patricia!
how are you feeling? how far along are you?

The Tates said...

But does she say "Mrs. Tate"?!!!