Wednesday, November 25, 2009

before and after...

Where do I begin? That's what I've been asking myself for several years now. I've been so totally overwhelmed with everything all the time and I just never knew where to begin. Ian is 8-months-old now and I still haven't felt like I've bounced back like I have with all the others. I have felt stressed beyond normal and my house has become a disaster. I never liked it and yet I didn't have the energy or the know-how to change it.

A couple of weeks ago I checked out five books from the library on organizing and storage. I figured that I was never really taught how to keep things orderly, so I'm sure I can learn a thing or two from these "experts". I didn't think they would have such a big impact. A lot of the things I read were things I used to do, but have fallen out of the habit of doing. The major thing I learned is to make sure everything has a home and to put everything in their home. I honestly think that half the stuff in my house is homeless! Poor things. :)

Well, I've written up a personal list of over 30 areas I'd like to declutter in my home. I took before and after pictures of the first project, which I refuse to show you. The before pictures are just too cluttered. I forgot to take pictures of projects 2 and 3. But after those three our bedroom is now relaxing! I am already not as stressed as I was a week ago. Enoch was able to tell the difference. He also said he now likes to stay in the bedroom because its so clean. He even gets on my case if something is out of its home!

I've always envied "organized" people and knew that I wanted to be like them. Well, I think my time is coming. I still have many areas to conquer, but I have made a strong start and there's no going back! From my first three "projects" Enoch has said that he's never seen me organize like that before. Sure, I've cleaned up these areas in the past, but this time is different somehow.

Ok, I'll stop jabbering. These pictures are from my fourth decluttering project. This is the top of the piano. Unfortunately this is how most of my house has become. Things piling up like crazy without anywhere to go. You'll notice there is really no empty space.

Here is the after shot.
I finished framing Ian's six month picture, so he could join the others. This wall space was begging to hold them, so I obliged. I cut out a rectangle to scale of the wall and four small ones to scale of the frames. Enoch and I fiddled with them until we came up with this layout. Our wedding picture was on top of a tall desk with some other pictures. They were really too high to notice anyway. My friend passed the candle holder on to me about a year ago. I finally took it out and purchased candles for it. As a finishing touch I added this iron basket of mine. I didn't know what to put in it, so I put the flowers Enoch brought home for me the other day. Does the red look too out of place?

I know many of your houses look like this, but this is a major accomplishment for me. I'm excited to embark on this adventure!

Since we're doing before and after I must include Ian's first haircut. Everyone used to think he looked like a girl, so we had to cut off his curly cues, even though we loved them to pieces. Here he is, unsure of what's going on:
I like his handsome new look, but am still looking forward to some curls coming back:


Nancy @ Mess Buster said...

Nice job on the piano declutter :) Wow, I don't know how you find time with four kids - that's awesome!! I struggle to tidy up after two, lol.

bandanachick said...

Great job Michelle!!
It IS so much work de-cluttering but I've found it is SO worth the effort. Keep up the great work!