Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Heeding Granny's Advice

My life was totally different when I was a teenager. I used to talk on the phone all day and hang out with friends all night.

I remember getting off the phone one day. My grandmom asked me who it was. I don't remember who it was, but I do know it was some guy. I told her his name and said, "he's just a friend."

I'll never forget her reaction. An old Irish woman, she stomped her foot down and in an exasperated, almost yelling voice, said, "Don't you know boys and girls can't be friends?! Either they grow closer together and become more than friends or they grow further apart and are no longer friends."

Me, in all my teenage glory, just rolled my eyes and said, "Whatever Granny."

A few years after that incident I actually believed her. And the longer I live the more strongly I feel that she was right.

I know of a marriage that recently ended because of an "innocent" friendship between the husband and another woman. While thinking about this split my grandmom's words ran through my head. Doesn't everybody know this? Don't they know that they can't just be friends??? I guess not.

So, I figured I'd take a moment to warn others out there. Please be careful. I wish I had a verse that said these words flat out, but I don't. In I Corinthians 6 it does say to flee sexual immorality.

Flee is a strong word. It reminds me of Joseph who was tempted by Potipher's wife (Genesis 39). When Joseph went into his master's house, no one was there except his master's wife. She said "Lie with me." At that moment he didn't try to reason with her like he did in the past, instead he fled, not even staying long enough to grab his garment which she had a hold of. After that Joseph was arrested because of the woman's lies, but he still had a clear conscience between he and the Lord. That is fleeing!

Now, I can't tell you where the line should be drawn. That should be done through your own discretion. I understand that there has to be communication between men and women for things like work and maybe other events. But please monitor your own actions and intentions. Feelings for those of the opposite gender can come on quickly and come on strong. Stand fast and flee if necessary!


Anonymous said...

One rule or advice that married people can/should follow is that they should never be close friends with someone of the opposite gender that their spouse is not friends with or that they are seeing often without their spouse.

Andrew Sharp said...

Very true... Nice blog.

Andrew Sharp
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