Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something all his own

Today, Seth had his first ice skating lesson. He's in an 8 week course. Seth reacted in an unexpected way, which I'll touch on later.

The kids were only on the ice for about 10 minutes. They came on the ice sitting down and had to try to stand up. Seth is here in his red coat. He stared at this girl, whose name happens to be Michelle, most of the time. She cried the whole time she was out there. I think Seth was confused, maybe wanted to help her, but didn't know exactly what he could do.
He fell a couple of times, but he didn't get discouraged by it.
At the end, when everyone was getting off of the ice Seth stood there and waited. As soon as they got him off the rink he kept saying to us, "but I didn't get to skate." Poor kid, I tried explaining to him that he has to learn how to stand first and the skating will eventually come.
Seth's unexpected response came on our way to the car. Tabitha kept saying how much she wanted to learn. Enoch even said he'd like to take a few lessons. Seth became quite adamant that no one else was going to learn ice skating. In the car, Tabitha kept going on with how she was going to learn. Seth even got angry and shouted "NO!" at her. Later I asked him if his baby brother will be allowed to learn when he's old enough. Seth smiled ever so slightly and shook his head yes. I realized that he just wanted to have his own little thing without his sister getting involved. 

Tabitha does have her own little thing. Sure, she may not practice as much as she should, but she'll eventually get there. She is in an Irish dance class. I insist that she stays with it throughout this year and then next year she can decide if she wants to do something different. Whenever she goes, she enjoys herself, but throughout the week she tends to lose interest.

"Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity." Ephesians 6:24

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