Thursday, October 30, 2008

A mom's perspective

At night when I'm putting the kids to bed, I usually tell them a Bible story. Last night's story was the wedding at Cana. I realized how my take on the account has changed over the years. For those of you who don't know this passage, it tells of the Lord Jesus' first miracle. He was at a wedding and He changed water into wine.

Well, when I was explaining things to the kids my emphasis was a little different. I really focused on the servants who were obedient without questioning the Lord about anything. First the Lord asked them to fill the waterpots with water. They didn't ask why or complain, they just filled the waterpots. And when I say they filled the waterpots, that's not an exaggeration, they filled it to the brims.

Next the Lord Jesus asked them to take some of that same drink and serve it to the governor of the wedding. Can you imagine? They knew that it was only water in the pots, yet they obeyed. They didn't resist even though they could've had severe consequences from the "master of the wedding" as I referred to him as. 

I ended by telling them how the governor thought this was the best wine. Not only did the Lord change the water into wine, but it was better wine than normal.

Obedience was what I wanted to stress to my children. I wanted them to realize how important it is to obey at times without questioning. After they quieted down I was thinking the story over and realizing how much I could learn from that same lesson. How often do I obey without kicking and screaming? I often find myself complaining about doing what I know needs to be done. I sure am glad I have kids to teach me these things. :)

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