Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Soap making lessons

The other day Seth came to the dinner table ecstatic. He was going on and on about how to make soap. After a few minutes we all listened carefully to what he had to tell us. It took a couple of questions and rolling things over in my mind before I figured everything out.

Here's what he told us: when the soap is empty, you fill it up with water, then you press on it a few times, you wait a little while and when you come back, it makes soap!

He was CONVINCED he had a scientific breakthrough. I tried convincing him that the "little while" when he was waiting, happened to be when he was out back playing. I came into the bathroom and refilled the soap. He would have no part with my explanations. No, no, you fill it with water, squirt it a few times and then wait a little, that's the real way!


Fab said...

Maybe you could use his logic to get him to sleep at night. Tell him that by going to sleep, the sun comes back! :)

Sr. Fab said...

Let him have is soap fantasy, since he no longer has an Easter bunny. See how long he will stayed convinced of is theory as he grows older and wiser.