Sunday, March 10, 2013

6 activities for your 6-month-old

When Zachary turned 6 months (about a month ago!), I noticed that he didn't sleep as much during the day. He gets bored if you don't do anything with him and I want to keep him occupied.

Here is a list of things that have kept him happy. Most of these need parent involvement, so, unfortunately, I haven't come up with a way for you to get stuff done. I'm still trying to figure that one out myself!

 1. Play ball Big brother, Ian likes to roll a ball to Zachary. Mostly the baby just chews on it once he's got it, but he does like this game. If your baby isn't sitting that well yet, he can still play while you hold him.

2. Shadows When the bright sun comes streaming through the windows, it leaves lots of fun shadows for the baby. He likes watching his own hand or mine. He even likes watching the reflection that my computer makes on the ceiling!

3. Small Bangs I like to give Zachary a Duplo in each hand. He has fun chewing on them and more importantly banging them together to make a fun sound. It can be two of anything safe and he's content. Such a simple joy!

4. Exersaucer I'm not really into buying things that won't be used for long and things that are technically unnecessary, but this toy center is wonderful. Zachary loves to spin himself and play with the different things all around him. Sometimes I'll put Duplos or balls around the edge for him to play with. This also helps his legs get stronger. (This is the one activity that allows mom to get a thing or two done!)

5. Turned off Kindle  This is probably Zachary's favorite activity. He loves to look at himself and me from my Kindle when its turned off. Of course a mirror would be just as fun, but we don't have a handheld one (I don't see it as a necessity, so I don't ever buy one!).

6. Thomas When all else fails bring out Thomas. I bought this that from GoodWill that same fateful day I bought the eye popping toy. It was $3.71 and in perfect condition. How could I pass that up?! (I know he is sitting by himself in this picture, but whenever he's on it I am always holding him.) He likes to hit the buttons, which make sounds. He also likes to have me hold him while he stands and holds the back. Or he'll sit next to it and play with the wheels. So, even if you don't have a Thomas, I'm sure there are things you can find that your baby can bang buttons on, or hold on to while standing up or spin wheels on!

What kind of activities does your 6 month old enjoy? I could also add music, chewing Pappa's watches and eating to this list. :)