Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lazy Day

The kids had a lazy day yesterday. None of them even got out of their pajamas all day long. Patricia is posing here with five items I fished out of the toilet. Apparently she thought that it was a bucket of some sort that needed socks and puzzle pieces.

Seth. What can I say?

Tabitha making pictures out of magnets.

Patricia enjoying her Mickey Mouse sticker. She was fascinated with it.

My mom, Patricia, with my daughter, Patricia.


Enoch said...

I miss all of you. 7 more days before I am home. :)


Enoch Moses

ericnally said...

Hey, thanks for the updates and pics...good to see everyone. Sorry I took so long to respond...been so so busy getting applications ready and out.

I will be around not next weekend, but the weekend of Feb 9th I am. I'll call as time gets closer and let you know if I am around.

Take care and God bless,

glassgirl said...

I'm glad your mom was able to join you for the week. She was so helpful while she was here! Her picture with Patricia is cute!