Monday, March 26, 2007

...Even as Christ also hath loved the church

I wrote about myself, my kids and now its time for my dear hubby. He makes me feel so loved and secure. I'll write about just a few ways he makes me feel loved.

When we first got married he had a pretty good paying job, but that wasn't good enough for Enoch. He wanted to provide well for his family. Within 2 years he more than doubled his income by learning more programming languages. I know we were the inspiration for his hard work and that is touching.

I'm not one to buy new things for myself, so Enoch showers me with nice gifts on occasion, like a new coat, an expensive dress, a stylish purse. For Christmas this year he knew that I really wanted a freezer, so he was happy to get me one with his bonus check. That was too practical of a gift for him, so he also bought me a beautiful amythest necklace.

No matter how I look or what I do to myself, Enoch tells me I'm beautiful. As a matter of fact he tells me I'm the most beautiful woman in the whole world. The funny part is, I think that in his eyes, I really am. He only has eyes for me. How could I not feel loved?

Yesterday he did something extra special for me. We've been keeping all of the kids away from outside activities until Patricia is 2-months-old to prevent her from getting sick again (she spent 2 days in the hospital when she was three-weeks-old due to a cold). So, I haven't been to the meeting in over 6 weeks. Yesterday, after Enoch was all dressed and ready to go, he realized that I needed a break. He watched the kids, including Patricia, and let me go to the meeting. I felt refreshed and encouraged. I love my tall, dark and handsome prince.


Josh and Brooke said...

isn't it encouraging to have a husband that is trying with all his might to love his wife as Christ loves the Church. i often think, "what an impossible task!" as wives we can be so unlovable at times, just like the Church. we must pray for our husbands as they are told to love us with this sacrificial love and pray for ourselves that we will make this task as easy as possible!

dave & rachel said...

That was so sweet to is a real blessing to have husbands who love the Lord and faithfully take care of their families. It is so rare in today's world. I like your example of *noticing* all your husbands great attributes. It makes you realize what a treasure you have!

bandanachick said...

Hello! I just linked to your blog from Brooke's blog. I think my husband (Nate Drewry) actually knows your hubby. (Also as an FYI Rachel, who just posted here is my older sister) Anyways, thank you so much for you honesty on this blog. I am a new mommy myself and it is so great to hear how others are striving to be the mothers God wants us to be.
Keep up the great work!