Saturday, March 24, 2007

My kids' strengths

"Thank you for having us." If you invite us to your house this is something you will likely hear coming from the lips of 3 1/2-year-old Tabitha. She is one of the most polite and grateful people I know. If you give her something, even if it's a twenty five cents bouncy ball, she will thank you at least 10 times and tell you that it's the best gift she has ever received and that you are the best. She thanks me at every meal and tells me I'm the best mommy and she loves me so much, simply because I provided her with a meal. A hug usually accompanies the compliment.

Tabitha is so helpful. She loves to help set the table or fold laundry. For me, the most helpful thing she does is getting herself dressed in the mornings. Every day she wakes up happy and excited (and stays that way all day, mind you) then picks her outfit all by herself and completely gets herself ready. She even is able to button and zip!

She's a comforter. When I was in the hospital after giving birth, she came up to me and said in a serious, gentle tone, "It's okay mommy, you'll be alright." She patted my arm for extra comfort. I wasn't actually in pain at the moment, she just remembered that I told her it would be painful.Seth is a cheerful giver. He willingly lets others play with his toys. I often catch him bringing a toy to someone, saying, "here". If I give him 2 cookies I never worry about him being greedy. He immediately runs to Tabitha and hands one off to her.

If you're feeling like no one loves you, Seth is the one you should encounter. When there's a group of people he makes sure he says hello to everyone, looking them square in the eye. A couple of strangers have told me that he's the next great politician. If there is someone in the crowd who is sitting off by themselves or looking a little sad, Seth will go out of his way to spend more time with that person, bring them toys, do whatever he can to make them smile. Their age doesn't matter to him when doing this. Seth is 22-months-old.
Patricia is our six week old princess (in the pic she's 2 weeks). When she was born I said to myself, "okay, I can do this for one more year, nursing round the clock, whenever she wants." I was shocked to see her immediately put herself on a schedule. She nurses about once every 3 hours and sleeps very well at night.

Meals are actually a breeze. I can prepare supper and then sit down to eat it without ever once being interrupted. I didn't even know that was possible.

She's such a cutie. She coos every time she smiles and she has the chubbiest little cheekies.


stephanie said...

Hi Michelle!! How fun to hear from you. :) Your kids are getting so big, and that new little girl is beautiful! (We're having #3 in about 5-6 weeks ourselves.)

You asked about how I did on the Fall Reading Challenge ... not as good as I would have like! :) I read about half my list, but it did give me the boost to finish several non-fiction books that I wanted to read, and I hoping the same thing will happen this time.

Josh and Brooke said...

i was hoping you would post pictures of your kids. they are precious!

how encouraging it must be for a mommy to be able to focus in on the strengths of her children and feel blessed!

dave & rachel said...

Yes, I agree...I am always encouraged when I think about all the things my kids do well. Dave always reminds me to do this when he gets home from work and I bombard him with everything naughty the kids did all day, a nasty habit of mine. :O)

They are very cute!

Michelle said...
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Enoch said...

Seth for President in 2057

CandlebyNight said...

I'd not seen Patricia! She is gorgeous. You are so blessed. Tabitha and Seth are getting so big.
God bless you as you endevour to serve him.

marti said...

Hi Michelle- I just popped over from Brooke's blog. I have so much enjoyed the encouragement of these young ladies, I know you will too!

Your kids seem to be a real blessing. And congrats on the new little one. I am a grandmother 2x's over with one on the way. May the Lord continue to encourage you through His word and fellowship as you raise your little ones for Him.

Eryn said...

wow! what a glowing report on your children! it makes me want to meet them someday. they sound wonderful, warm and friendly. and they didnt turn out this way by themselves. they must have had encouragement and guidance from a wise and loving mother.