Monday, October 20, 2008

No school today!

Tabitha has already missed her fair share of school considering how early on in the year we are. However, today I didn't even think twice about keeping her home. She really only started getting symptoms yesterday, but they came in quite rapidly. Tabitha maintained a high fever beginning in the evening and lasting through the night. Her cough was a little more labored than normal and she just wasn't herself. Even her breathing seemed to be a bit difficult while she was sleeping.

The doctor listened to her lungs for quite a while and couldn't hear anything out of the normal. She said her heart rate was faster than normal and her breathing was a little on the quicker side, so she ordered her to get a chest X-ray anyway. I'm glad she did, because it turns out that she does have a small bout of pneumonia. 

A bit of info on the illness: it's an inflammation of the lungs. Tabitha's happened to be on her lower right lung. It can be either a bacterial or viral infection or even from a physical injury among other things. Its generally treated with antibiotics. There is usually always coughing and high fever, which are the most tell tale signs. An X-ray is often the sure way for diagnosis. Pneumonia can occur at any age is needs immediate medical attention. There is a vaccine available, but I have never tried that method of prevention.
info obtained from Wikipedia
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"O give thanks unto the God of heaven: for His mercy endures forever." Psalm 136:26

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Laura said...

Aw, I hope she feels better soon! It's so hard when your babies get sick.