Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Life in Spring

The dead of winter is over and we now see life springing up everywhere. Flowers are blooming, trees have leaves again, the grass needs a trim and animals are reproducing :D The other week we found two baby birds in our backyard. Their nest must be in the tree right outside of our bedroom window. It was nice for the kids to be able to take a close look.

Just a couple of days ago we were out back again, trying to plant sunflower seeds. I was pulling up some vines that had over grown in an area of the yard. When suddenly I picked up a big pile of fur. Just as I was saying, "what is this?" This cute little guy came scurrying out. There are two baby bunnies nesting very close to us.

With all this new life coming back springtime after springtime, it makes me contemplate about life in general. So, I have a question for each reader, please think about it and make sure you know your own answer. Year after year, trees shed their leaves and die, in a sense, only to be brought back to life in spring. Have you been born again?

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