Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Newbery Challenge-Book Report 1

I read my first book for the Newbery Challenge! It was "Sarah, Plain and Tall" by Patricia MacLachlan. I was pleasantly surprised at how short it was, considering the fact that I don't have much reading time.

The first person of the story is Anna. She has a younger brother and a dad. Her mother died several years back. Sarah is a woman who quite possibly will marry her father. This is the very basic storyline.

Sarah has spent her whole life in Maine living right by the ocean. Anna and her family live in prairie lands. So, the main idea that the story brings out is the adjustment that Sarah goes through. She misses the water terribly. So much so, that the kids don't know if Sarah will just decide to go home instead of staying. A neighbor friend comforts her with the words, "there's always something to miss."

In the end you find that Sarah discovers new pleasures in this new terrain and that she's able to share some of the joys of Maine with Anna and her family. They both learn from each other and... the world is a better place. (Cheesy, I know!)


Eryn said...

i liked the hallmark version. but have never read the book.

rachel said...

Our whole family lo-oves Sarah, Plain and Tall. We have the book and also the audio version which we have listened to about a million times. Many lines and phrases have become "inside family lingo."

Sarah said...

I've read Sarah, Plain and Tall many times! I read it to my class last year and we had a blast. There are also two, similarly short, sequels as well. Happy reading!