Friday, May 18, 2007

Saturday Smiles

Ok ladies, I'm trying something new here. I know for myself, sometimes I can get so caught up in disciplining and getting frustrated that, often the important things are overlooked. So, this is a way to remind ourselves of the good in our kids. Saturday Smiles is here so we can share at least one moment during the week that our little one(s) have been able to put a smile on our face.

I'm going to limit myself to one incident: Every morning Tabitha picks out her own clothes and gets herself dressed. That's enough to make any mother smile I think! This morning I found such a cute surprise. She folded up her pajamas and placed them nicely on top of her pillow. As disordered as I feel my house is at all times, I love seeing her and Seth show signs of learning order. Slowly but surely we will arrive, I am convinced.

I do need some help here, so sign in on the fun!