Thursday, May 10, 2007

Sickness Strikes Again

The story of my life, I tell ya. Seth is sick. This winter has been one sickness after another. I have been faithfully washing their hands before every meal and don't remember being around any sick people, but here we go again.

I wonder what lesson I'm supposed to be learning through all of this.


Eryn said...

i am so sorry your kids have been sick. i know it can be hardest on the mommy.on the other hand, if they are usually rambunctious, it can be a break when they just lay around.
hope he feels better soon.

Eryn said...

you have been tagged! i know you already did one like this, but this one is much shorter. see my blog :)

Sheri said...

HI Michelle, I ran across your blog from someone elses, its good to catch up with you somewhere!

ericnally said...

sorry the sickness bug has struck again :( Praying for recovery, and for patience and energy for you and Enoch. Take care.