Sunday, December 16, 2007

Beautiful Surprise

There is a couple at the meeting we go to that celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary today. Their children threw them a most lovely luncheon at a fancy restaurant. There was a lot of out of town guests and sweet fellowship. The couple has raised four children, all of whom, are in fellowship here. 

Beatty, the wife, has a phenomenal talent of china painting. So, as a "party favor" (I hate to call it that, because the term seems so cheap), she decided to paint a plate for each guest. There were over a hundred of us there! I don't know when she did this, but look at each picture carefully. They are all beautiful. That's what I call a servant's heart!

Verse for thought: "Remembering without ceasing you work of faith and labour of love..." I Timothy 1:3


Enoch said...

Craig stated she started over six months ago.

Eryn said...

amazing! i love the animals the best i think.