Friday, January 4, 2013

35 Snowflake projects

Ironically enough, I bought this snowflake in Florida, so there is no tutorial for it!

If you are interested in making snowflakes and want something a little more beautiful then the ones I showed you yesterday, check out this list. I tried to include only links that give actual tutorials.

Paper snowflakes:

1. Medallion snowflakes - Just one sheet of white paper to make these not-so-flat beauties.

2. Tinsel Snowflakes - Glue, glitter and cardboard (and a printer wouldn't hurt).

3. Wrapping paper snowflakes - good craft for preschoolers by Hands on as we grow

4. Reminds me of origmai only there's cutting snowflake.

5. Paper ballerina snowflake. So VERY beautiful.

6. Spool print snowflakes. Can you say "kid friendly"?

7. Foam stamped snowflakes. Made from the inside of an old bicycle helmet.

8. Cupcake liner snowflakes. Easy and pretty.

9. Cardboard snowflakes. Supplies: cereal box, glue and colored yarn!

10. Snowflake Suncatcher. Contact paper, cardstock, tissue paper and snowflake cookie cutter or template.

11. Snowflake resist watercolor grid. Need to use up some white crayons?

12. Toilet paper roll snowflake. It looks quite elegant.

13. Snowflake advent activity calendar. Looks sophisticated.

14. Snowflake craft. Made with six sheets of paper and a few cuts. I see this in classrooms a lot.

Other materials:

15. Snowflake ornament made out of puzzle pieces by Lisa's craft blog

16. Snowflake stones with bling. I love rocks!

17. Snowflake ornament made out of twigs and white yarn. Simple and elegant looking.

18. Rustic snowflake. Another one made with twigs. I love the look of this one.

19. Wooden snowflakes. Made out of various shaped wood pieces about the thickness of popsicle sticks.

20. Shrinking snowflake necklace made out of frosted shrinking plastic.

21. Last minute snowflakes. All you need is glue, wax paper and glitter or salt!

22.Borax crystals. Make a snowflake shape out of a chenille stem and grow crystals on top.

23. Pasta snowflakes. Made with wagon wheel pasta, glue and glitter.

24. Upgraded ball ornament. Use Cricut machine to cut metallic snowflakes.

25. Snowflake coasters from Dollar Store Crafts.

26. Melted crayon snowflakes. Make lots to decorate  a window.

27. Popsicle Stick snowflakes. Scroll to the end of the post for the how to and pics.

28. Snowflake Plate. Great for giving a plate of goodies.

29. Snowflake Motif Candleholders. Nice and colorful.

30. Crochet snowflakes. I'm sure I could make a long list of crocheted snowflakes alone!

31. Snowflake Wreath. Made with snowflakes from the dollar store.

32. Cinnamon snowflakes. Food item- kids cut their tortillas into snowflake shapes then they are sweetened.

33. Snowflake sunday school lesson complete with a snowflake picture frame.

34. Giant popsicle stick ornaments. Fun and easy to make. They range from 12 to 24 inches wide.

35. Painted snowflake pillows. What a nice addition to your home.

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