Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

"A day late and a dollar short!" That about sums it up for me.

If I want to put a positive twist on it, I guess I can say, "Its never too late".

Over the Christmas break I wanted to make snowflakes with my kids, so we could send them to the students in Newtown. The Connecticut PTA wanted the kids to return to a winter wonderland at their new school.

We did make the snowflakes and eventually get them glued onto heavier paper, but I'm just not quick enough. The rest of the country flooded the Sandy Hook Elementary students with snowflakes.

So now, we can display ours in our home to remind us to pray for those still suffering.

As you can easily see, I'm not an artist. Not even close. But that's ok, my kids still love me.

For our snowflakes, I chose to use tissue paper (its much easier to cut through).

I cut out a square piece of cardstock to use as a template.

These are the two websites the kids and I used for patterns and folding instructions:
Since tissue paper is oh so flimsy we glued two snowflakes onto each piece of cardstock.

I saw other much more creative snowflakes floating around the web, but we'll just have to stick with ours!

Come back tomorrow for a fairly comprehensive list of snowflake tutorials that may be more appealing.

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