Monday, January 14, 2013

I let myself laugh

Bedtime never goes smoothly at our house. I think it has something to do with this equation: 7 people + 2 bedrooms = non-stop shushing.

Last night Ian stayed up way too late with me. He was keeping the school aged children awake, so I let him come downstairs and watch "The Incredibles" in Spanish (my kind of fun!).

This morning he was crying before breakfast. I knew he needed sleep, but I also knew he would refuse his nap as usual.

Fast forward to 8:30 tonight. He had been awake all day, had himself a few crying fits, which are uncharacteristic of him, even walked into walls a few times out of fatigue.

I finally got him to lie down. He was lying in his toddler bed, which is right next to my bed. I was lying down with the baby, so we were all in very close proximity.

Suddenly a harmonica starts playing.

"SETH!" I yelled to shush him. His answer was distant, it wasn't him, but he came running up anyway.

"PATRICIA!" No, it wasn't her, she was just about as far away as Seth was.

I peeked over my bed and noticed it was Ian playing the harmonica!

Normally, under these circumstances I would stifle my laughter and reprimand Ian for playing when really I wanted him to sleep.

But today, I let myself laugh! I must say it felt good, too. AND it made Ian, Seth and even 5 month old, Zachary laugh.

I've been going through the "Complete" devotional with Arabah Joy. My goal is to laugh more with the kids. By so doing, I'm hoping to not be such an angry mom. Today was a victory day for me!

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil. 4:13


Arabah said...

Michelle, that is so awesome! I'm proud of you! I love your blog and am so thankful that God has crossed our paths! Praying for you right now!


Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by, Arabah! And for your kind words.