Friday, April 8, 2011

"And these things write we unto you, that your joy may be full."

After my big read I had to find a portion of the Bible to study. This morning I began with First John.  There are two main reasons that I decided on this particular book. 

The first is that its small enough. Small enough to read in one sitting and small enough to study in a reasonable amount of time.

The second reason is my fascination with love. The love of God has always amazed me. That's what brought me to Christ as a teenager... I was searching for love. I knew that First John spoke quite a bit about love, so that played a part in my choice.

ANYWAY, all of this to say that when I started reading this morning I was thrilled to read the above verse: "These things are written that your JOY may be full." I John 1:4

I feel like joy has been missing in my life lately and I've been looking for it. I know that if we seek, we shall find and so, I am excited to study First John and restore the joy in my life. The deeper I dig the more joy I will find! (Today I just read through the book once to start with.)

Where are you studying?


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Michelle, I'm praying you are filled to the brim with God's wonderful joy!

Happy weekend blessings to you!


Laura said...

I wouldn't really call it studying, but I'm reading the epistles right now. I'm almost done Philippians. When I read in the morning, there is always a verse that stands out to me in some way, and all day it keeps coming back to me. That is it for now. I hope eventually I can study more.

Michelle said...

Laura, I read and forget, so you're ahead of me!