Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kashi Ingredient Decoder

I came across this handy dandy ingredient decoder from Kashi in a magazine yesterday. They have a PDF you can download, print out and keep handy.

Kashi is definitely one of the companies I can trust when I buy food. The only thing I ever have to look out for is nuts, but that's something I can easily live with!

Basically the list they give includes ingredients that you will (green thumb) and won't (red thumb) find in their products. Next to each ingredient they give a two or three line snippet.

Some examples of green thumbs include acacia gum, oligofructose and glycerin. Some of the don'ts: BHT, Calcium perioxide and sodium benzoate.

I was able to cut mine out of the magazine and keep it around for reference. I hope you find their website useful. My list was rather incomplete, so I thought I'd share Kashi's "a little more complete" list with you. :)

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