Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Try It Challenge- Week Three Review

Week three was a breeze!  I'll admit that I didn't do anything fancy, except drink a cup of green tea every day. I think I tried 5 different brands/varieties. I must say that it was enjoyable.

I used to drink green tea more regularly, but I've fallen out of the habit. Enoch and I have been enjoying a line of tea from Tetley. It's catered more towards Indians. We have three flavors at home: Masala, Elaichi and Ginger.

Anyway, back to the Green Tea! My very favoritest kind that I had all week was Lipton Green Tea, mixed berry flavor.

Tea is easy to make but I like to follow the steeping times given. Green tea is generally supposed to be steeped for around 2 minutes.  If you steep any tea too long, it can get bitter. If you steep too short, it'll be weak and we don't want that! 

I like to add a scant teaspoon of sugar to my cup. I don't like the way milk tastes with green tea, so I skip that!

Spiritual challenge: We were to do the plank three times each morning and pray while doing so. You can read about it on Peak313's blog. I did it. I don't like it, but I do like the way it makes my stomach feel. It feels like my stomach muscles are actually getting fit. I need to do lots of them in order to actually get fit!

This coming week our food challenge is avacado and the spiritual challenge is to pray scripture. I plan on trying Clare's avacado/black bean dip for sure!

This is the last week of the challenge... I guess I'll be on the look out for something else! 

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Clare@peak313 said...

Love it! And your thoughts about the plank are very normal. I don't know anyone who really LOVES them! LOL

Regarding your avocado question, I've heard you can put them in a paper bag and close it up and maybe in a day it's better?

But if you are trying for the same day, you might be outta luck. You might be OK though! Try it out! If it gives just SLIGHTLY you will be fine!

Thanks for doing the challenge!!!