Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A lesson in trust

Does this hair clip scare you? It doesn't scare me... I actually like it. My 2 year-old son, Ian, doesn't agree with me. Maybe opening up the clip and looking at its claws can appear frightening!

Yesterday I spent a good 5 minutes opening the clip in front of my son. At the beginning he was pretty shaken up. He would cover his eyes and try to hide from it. I never let the clip touch him, but I did keep opening it and assuring him that I wouldn't hurt him. I wanted to gain his trust.

My kids are taught from an early age that there is no Santa Clause or Easter Bunny. (They don't actually believe me, but that's a different story!) Some people may think I'm stifling their imagination, but its very important to me that they can trust me and what I tell them.

So, back to yesterday, by the end of our little encounter, Ian still wasn't crazy about the hair clip, but he did learn that I wouldn't hurt him with it.

The lesson I needed to learn was very apparent. We need to trust God. We may not always understand why we go through things, but God always has His reasons. Some things may actually hurt (just like when we give our kids immunizations), but its always for our good.

The other day I was on the phone with my dad and he, too, brought to my attention the importance of trusting God. Sometimes, as humans we try to take things into our own hands, but if we truly trust God, we should take our concerns to God in prayer... and trust!

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Rebecca said...

I absolutely love your post.....yes, I try to take things into my hands a LOT....and mess it all up! We debunked Santa and the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc.....Thanks for linking up today!

Jennifer said...

We are with you on Santa and the Easter Bunny---and the Tooth Fairy too!

I was criticized for being so open with my daughter about the tests and medical procedures so goes through. I tell her what's going to happen---in an age-appropriate way---for the same reason you worked with your son on the clip. I want her to know that she can trust me.

Thank you for the reminder to trust God in all things too!


Michelle said...

I know some people can perceive it as cruel, but I'd like to add that my son now laughs when I show him the clip. :)