Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Confession

Just this past weekend I made a conscience decision to have the kids wash their hands before every meal. I didn't realize how infrequently the kids were doing so. They have had A LOT of sicknesses over the past two winters. I want to see if I can make a difference with this act. There's a short article from the MayoClinic about hand washing. To read it click here. The concept is simple and it's being displayed in public bathrooms everywhere: Wash your hands to prevent germs from infecting you!

I hate admitting this for two reasons. I don't want people to think I'm gross for not having implementing this habit sooner. Also, I don't really want to think that it's been my fault that my kids have gotten so many colds. I guess that's what makes this a confession. :D


dave & rachel said...

Ha, ha! That's hilarious, only because I always forget about that kind of thing too...and I'm a nurse! I need to have my kids wash their hands more too. :)

glassgirl said...

Me too! Tonight as Phoenix was already eating dinner, I remembered that his hand had been black and filthy from playing by a fence near Graffiti, but I completely forgot to tell him to go wash his hand. He went in the middle of the meal, and he's just coming off of having a fever for 3 days. We'll see what illness we'll get next! :)

stacy said...

I totally have to confess that too. I have been trying to remember lately as well, but don't. My consolation thought is that if they wash their hands after using the bathroom they are getting rid of the germs several times a day. I know they stick their hands in their mouths more than at meal time. My oldest is obsessed with washing hands after using the restroom and will often scold our daughter (and his parents :( ) if he thinks we have not.
Thanks for the confession. Now I know I am not alone.