Saturday, April 14, 2007

Leaps and Bounds

Tomorrow (Sunday) marks an important day for many baseball fans. They will be celebrating the 60 year anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first baseball game. He was the first African-American allowed in the National Baseball League. We don't think much about color nowadays, but back then it was a huge deal. Enoch had a commentary on the other day about him. They were interviewing his teammates and every one of them said that in the beginning noone on the team dared to talk to him. Imagine that.

In just sixty years our society has grown in leaps and bounds overcoming racism. When my husband and I are seen in public, we don't have to divert people's stares, because our relationship is accepted by many. I have to actually explain to Tabitha what racism is, because she's never experienced it. I'm glad there are laws protecting people from discrimination, so now we can all work, eat and play together. God made a diverse world. We see diversity in plants, animals and landscapes. Just as I can appreciate how beautiful and different the world is, I'm thankful I can also appeciate the differences He made in people, both in looks and culture.


Sr. Fab said...

I didn't know you followed baseball. If only Abuelo knew, it would make him smile.

Enoch said...

We as humans take many things for granted like:

-Our freedom
-Our parents
-Things around us
-Our place in the society
-Most important:Christ and His act on the cross.

ericnally said...

Praise God for making us all so diverse and unique. Who would wanna live in a world where we all looked, talked, acted and reacted all the same? Certainly not me. Racial discrimination has always been something that makes me quite sad. If God loves us all, why can't we all love each other? Anyway, my 2 cents :)