Monday, April 30, 2007

Google Reader

Enoch introduced me to the wonderful world of Google reader. It's great. All you do is plug in everyone's RSS feed and you're set to go! There's nothing too fancy looking about it, but it allows you to keep up with as many blogs as you can handle, without having to click through links one by one and without cluttering your own blog space. On the left they have all of your subscriptions. The newly updated ones are bold and have the number of new posts in parentheses. When you click on the blog you want to read, it pops up on the right. So if you want to, you can read all the updates without leaving the one website. Of course you can play around with things, change them up if you want. You can put a star on posts that you want to keep handy or share others that are cool. Check it out today, it's as easy as!


Enoch said...

If you hate Google Reader, you can find your ideal at Choosing an RSS Reader. I also have an open source client call FeedReader. It has a Microsoft Outlook feel to it.

Enjoy reading your favorite Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds.

glassgirl said...

I use bloglines, and it's pretty much the same story. I'm happy with it.
I think the draw back is that sometimes, I end up forgetting to leave a comment. And maybe people forget to leave me a comment.