Monday, April 16, 2007

Speaking of baseball...

Enoch bought three mitts today. One for him, one for Seth and a pink one for Tabitha. Seth had his first real game of catch with Enoch. Sure, he's thrown, kicked and caught a ball before, but today it was official. It was outside, in the cold, with his new mitt. He's such a natural. Prior to that he was crying his head off for more than five minutes and nothing would calm him down. Enoch was able to lure him outside with the baseball. It wasn't too long before I looked out the kitchen sink window and saw the two of them laughing and having a good time. Seth was thrilled to have the ball land in his mitt, instead of the millions of misses he usually has. I'd say we are an American family, wouldn't you?

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Eryn said...

i love your new format! it is really cool.
we are a huge baseball family, home of the st louis cardinals, 2006 world champions! patrick and james(daddy) are outside every chance they get playing baseball. i am glad to see someone else's family plays too!