Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Who do you know?

I ran across Nan's blog today. She encouraged us to blog about other bloggers that we know personally. I don't know very many people, but here they are.

My handsome husband comes first. I've known Enoch for about 6 years now. Last October we celebrated our 4th anniversary. He's got a pretty cool blog. It's not really about personal stuff, but has many interesting topics.

My brother, Fabio, is a good writer. He's been extremely busy lately juggling family, work and school among other things. I think it's safe to say that he has a good reason to be sparse on his blog entries :D He lives in New York. Here he's pictured with his youngest son, Phoenix.

Coincidentally, I also know Glaucia, who is Fabio's wife. Recently she's been able to work art into her busy schedule. Check out her blog and enjoy. She is pictured with their oldest son, Willik.

Lastly, I know Eric. I mentioned him a few posts ago. He and Enoch have known each other for many years from their days back in Kansas.


Nan said...

Thanks for joining in the game of tag today. :^D It's nice to "meet" you and your Real life an blogging pals.

stephanie said...

You have a lot of family that blogs! I think I'm the only one ... well, my sister has one, but she doesn't write on it. :)

ericnally said...

Hey, I really enjoy reading your blog posts, Michelle. Although I admit I'm really bad at keeping caught up. You musta dug deep to find that picture of me...I don't even remember taking it. About Seattle, I have a roommate who grew up in Seattle and is a huge baseball fan. He even worked at Topps in NY for a bit. He and Enoch should connect. Take care.