Friday, April 6, 2007

Frugal Friday

We're not as frugal in this household as many others. My husband makes a pretty decent income. We buy nice things occasionally. I spend quite a bit of money on food. We don't mind eating out. We don't skimp on electricity or heat. We drive without worrying about paying for the next full tank.

In many ways, I admire many other women who are able to keep costs down. There is one thing I do, though. I often refrain from buying unnecessary items. My shoes are over 4 years old. I've never really cared for them, but they're not falling apart, so I refuse to buy a different pair. (Speaking of shoes, my daughter has a pair of sneakers and dress shoes. Coming into the summer, she'll probably only have one pair of sandals and that's it. Even though she's a girl, I'm not raising her to need multiple pairs of shoes.) We have two couch sets, both of which were handed down to us. They are not the most comfortable or attractive couches around, but again, these ones are still functioning, so we haven't invested in others. The other day the kids broke one of our kitchen cabinet doors. The cabinets are old. We could've gotten ourselves into debt because the "cabinets need to be updated anyway" and had them refaced. Instead I bought a couple of good clamps and some heavy wood glue and fixed it myself. Most of my clothes were given as gifts or handed down to me. So, while we do tend to spend liberally, we also withhold from overspending... I think.

For more frugal tips visit Biblical Womanhood.


Enoch said...

We (Michelle and I) have also started buying most of groceries and gas from Costco

- enoch
(Michelle's hubby)

Anonymous said...

Hey! Frugal Fridays led me to you! I bet I know which shoes you are talking about! HeHeHe... It will be fun to catch up with you. Frugality is all in the attitude..said by someone with $100/month food and diaper budget but my daughter has 12 pairs of shoes (all given to her)!
Jenn Ott

dave & rachel said...

Me too! I don't spend as much on groceries now, but everyone who knows me well, knows that I love clothes. :) And I love to dress my kids too. :)

dave & rachel said...

Oh, and Jen there any way you are married to Andy?????? Or do I have the wrong Ott's?

Fab said...

There's nothing wrong with owning a few pairs of shoes in different colors and styles for different occasions. I'm glad to hear you got the cabinet fixed that way!