Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Little Surprises

We had a fun filled weekend with my brother and his family. Sunday we all went to church for the morning. It was Patricia's first time! I'm so glad we can start going as a family again. Afterwards we ate lunch at Cici's Pizza. They have good cheap food! We rushed home around 2 so that Enoch and Tabitha could get into more comfortable clothing. They went on a "date" to see a live Diego show. Seth, Patricia and I went to our neighbor's for a birthday party. Monday was another full day. The kids played at a very crowded park for a little while. We had a picnic with Chik-Fil-A food. Then we went to my dad's and the kids decorated Easter cookies. We had dinner at an authentic vietnamese restaurant and parted ways.

The kids went to bed later than usual every night. They were exhausted. I thought today would be a nice relaxing day at home. We could catch up on some shut eye and laundry. I didn't really think we'd get much else done. Tabtiha surprised me twice this morning. You know how most Christmas pictures come longer than a normal photo with the extra space sharing Christmas greetings? Well, I usually cut the wording part off and put the family photo in an album of mine. Yesterday I received my brother's Christmas pic. This morning Tabitha showed me that she cut it out for me. I could've been mad at her, but she did such a good job and she was definitely trying to help. Normally I just lop off one end, but she carefully cut all the way around the picture. Of course there are zigzags all around, but she didn't cut into the picture area at all.

Later in the morning I was giving Patricia a bath. When I was done Tabitha came up stairs and told me that I had to come quick, because she and Seth "did a job for me". I had no idea what to expect. Whatever it was I thought it was something that I would have to clean up later. Boy was I wrong! They took it upon themselves to completey tidy up their toy area. I was soooo happy to see that. I probably hadn't had all of the toys off of the floor in over two weeks. I tell you, I have one sweet little girl.

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Fab said...

It just goes to show how much we can influence by example!